Our activity

At SelaSpace, our core activity is providing personalized education consultancy services to students pursuing studies abroad. We assist students in crafting standard CVs, writing professional Statements of Purpose (SOPs), and creating unique pathway proposals tailored to their individual goals. Our services extend to facilitating application processes for prestigious educational institutions worldwide. In addition to higher education, we also focus on secondary education and offer specialized programs for student summer camps that enhance skills, sports, and entertainment. By connecting talented students with top-tier universities, colleges, and schools, we aim to streamline and simplify the journey towards academic success, ensuring that each student finds the right educational path.

Our Framework


At SelaSpace, we pride ourselves on fostering educational programs that extend beyond traditional approaches. As a brand established to focus on the education sector, SelaSpace exemplifies this commitment by benefiting from the extensive support and resources of our parent company, Esprichoo Publishing Limited.

SelaSpace is a proprietary program under Esprichoo Publishing Limited, which serves as our legal and operational launchpad. Esprichoo manages and facilitates all financial transactions, conducts comprehensive market research, and oversees the formalization of contracts for SelaSpace’s partners and clients. This integration ensures that SelaSpace operates seamlessly within the Esprichoo framework, enhancing efficiency and delivering exceptional services to universities, service providers, and students.

By leveraging Esprichoo’s expertise and infrastructure, SelaSpace is empowered to streamline processes and revolutionize the student recruitment landscape. Every aspiring student is ensured the right educational path to success, solidifying SelaSpace’s role as a vital component of Esprichoo Publishing Limited’s mission to innovate and excel in the education sector.

guidance and support throughout the application process. But that’s not all—we also believe in the power of education to inspire, and we offer edutainment tours for children who wish to embark on exciting learning journeys through courses and summer programs.

the mission

Our mission at SELA Space is to empower individuals by providing them with access to world-class educational opportunities and unforgettable learning experiences. We strive to guide students toward their dream universities abroad, facilitate their admission, and ensure their smooth transition into global education environments. We are dedicated to making the pursuit of knowledge a journey of inspiration and discovery.

The Vision

SELA Space envisions a world where education transcends borders, and every student can access the best educational experiences on a global scale. We aim to be the leading platform that connects aspiring learners with prestigious universities worldwide, fostering cross-cultural understanding and personal growth. Our vision is to inspire a lifelong love for learning and curiosity about the world, one student at a time.

our Team

Fereshteh Kerdekari

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Dr. Sima Jabbari

Co-Founder & Chief Academic Officer

Fatemeh Kazembabaei

Co-Founder & Chief Operation Officer

our Board

Kemal Akillioglu

Senior Advisory Board

Mohsen Kachooee

Business Coach &
Senior Advisory Board

Prof. Janusz Jankowski

Senior Advisory Board

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