New Milestone! We Celebrates Milestone with Co-Founders Agreement Signing

In a significant stride towards a shared vision, SelaSpace proudly announces the formalization of a Co-Founders Agreement signed in October between its visionary leaders, Fereshteh Kerdekari and Fatemeh Kazembabaei. This agreement solidifies their commitment to the journey ahead, laying the foundation for collaborative decision-making and a unified pursuit of SelaSpace’s mission.

The Co-Founders Agreement reflects the shared values, responsibilities, and strategic alignment between Co-Founders. It not only outlines the roles each co-founder plays in steering SelaSpace but also sets the stage for a harmonious and productive partnership.

Fereshteh, with a rich background in business development, brings a wealth of experience to the role of Chief Development Officer and Fatemeh, having dedicated years to the industry, assumes the pivotal position of Chief Operating Officer, contributing invaluable insights and operational expertise.